Bald Cap Video!

 For the first time, this video covers ALL the tips and secrets of putting on a bald cap for the rigors of High Definition. HD is not going away, and the best makeup artists are raising the bar with new skills.

        This video proudly covers information that Ed French didn’t when he did his LEGENDARY video (also available on DVD.)

        I cover how to prep hair… ESPECIALLY LONG HAIR… underneath a plastic bald cap. I use an AWSOME trick developed over the course of a few years out of  necessity and the need to put a LOT of hair under a bald cap with VIRTUALLY NO PRODUCT AT ALL!

    This is especially helpful in HEAD CASTING… so it’s not JUST for bald caps ON HI-DEF.

        I also cover my method for perfectly coloring a bald cap in a shockingly short amount of time, and just as importantly, how to safely take it off at the end of the day!

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